AME members are all senior executives in their respective organisations, highly experienced in AML policy, both generally and in their specific sectors. Many are members of EU and global expert groups. As a body, AME also participates in its own right in key Commission expert groups and meetings and has unrivaled access to the EU institutions and relevant officials.

Twice annually, guided by the AME Secretariat, AME members meet in Brussels with high level EU and international institutions to focus and exchange views on AML issues. Members are invited to suggest which officials and topics they would like to address. Previous meetings have included participation by the European Commission (Directorates General for Internal Market, for Justice, Freedom and Security and for External Relations), EU Council, European Parliament, Europol, Council of Europe, OLAF and other international organisations such as OECD, FATF, UN. Topics ranged from implementation of EU anti-money laundering Directives, EU and FATF outreach to the private sector and consultation by the EU on new initiatives on terrorist financing and financial crime.

The AME meetings are supplemented by regular intelligence on EU AML issues, prepared by the AME Secretariat working closely with the relevant EU and global organisations – principally the European Commission and FATF.

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