Commission unveils first EU Anti-Corruption Report

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Corruption costs the European economy around 120 billion euros per year. Member States have taken many initiatives in recent years, but the results are uneven and more should be done to prevent and punish corruption. These are some of the conclusions from the first ever EU Anti-Corruption Report published by the European Commission.

The EU Anti-Corruption Report explains the situation in each Member State: what anti-corruption measures are in place, which ones are working well, what could be improved and how. National chapters in English and in national languages are available here:

Risk areas include:

  1. Within Member States, corruption risks are generally higher at regional and local levels, where checks and balances and internal controls tend to be weaker, than at central level.

  2. Urban development and construction, as well as health case, are sectors vulnerable to corruption in a number of Member States.

  3. Some shortcomings exist regarding the supervision of state-owned companies, increasing their vulnerability to corruption.

For further information on report, see the European Commission Press Release and for further information on the policy implications, AME Members can contact the secretariat.

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