Next meeting

Next AME event

Our next event will be 27 September 2018 in the European Parliament in Brussels. It will focus on what issues we need to target in the 6th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive including: Mitigating Risks New technologies If you would like to attend please get in touch with laura.heuvinck If your organisation is interested in AML and other Financial Crime Issues and Compliance, then please contact us and find out how our AML monitoring and events can assist your organisation's goals. read more

AME meetings

AME meetings with EU and global officials give members the opportunity to:

  • Receive from EU officials early warning of new crucial EU AML initiatives
  • Be consulted by EU decision-makers on future AML policy and legislation
  • Respond to and influence EU policy on financial crime at an early stage
  • Alert EU officials to important issues and concerns with regard to new or current AML measures
  • Raise any new issues or concerns directly with the EU institutions
  • Interact with senior AML officials at the forefront of fighting financial crime both in the public and private sector

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