AME MEETING BRUSSELS, Thursday 30 June 2011

Venue: CEN-CENELEC (Room 'Da Vinci')Avenue Marnix 17 - 1000
Brussels, Belgium (CEN-CENELEC)
Tel: +32 25500811

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Introduction and welcome, briefing for meetings
Ms Fiona Murray, Ms Dimitra Vasilia, Schuman Associates, AME Secretariat


Roundtable presentations by members on current EU AML issues
Event Chair: Ms Fiona Murray, AME Secretariat


  1. Wojciech Paczuski,Chief Specialist, Financial Information Department
    Ministry of Finance of Poland
    Polish Presidency work on fight against organised crime and terrorism financing
11.45 Coffee break  


Mr Eric Ducoulombier,Deputy Head of Unit, company law,
corporate governance and financial crime Unit, European Commission DG MARKT
Update on DG MARKT's current AML/CFT work, Review 3rd AML Directive





  1. Laura Gutierrez Sanchez,Legal Adviser Retail Banking, European Savings Banks Group
    Overview of some ESBG members practice in the AML field, linked to the implementation of the
    3AML Directive


Mr José Manuel de Frutos Gómez, Policy Officer Data Protection DG JUST
Data protection review linked to financial crime and update on the current work of the EU Data protection authorities

14:30 Coffee break  


Brussels EU Office TBC
Third country equivalence – perspective of third country in Europe

16:00 Close

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